“Hayley is the queen of improvisation! She opened us up to the most unique ways of representing ourselves. Her understanding of movement and taking full advantage of the existing architecture and light settings is so innovative and fresh. On the day of the shoot, Hayley spotted the most unexpected backdrop to work within: a downtown construction site on the streets of San Francisco right outside our studio. I will never forget seeing her climb over huge wire fences, a ladder in one hand and multiple heavy cameras in the other. She had us dancing in the middle of traffic! The locals loved it and the results were breathtaking.”

- Lea Kobeli, Director, Mision Flamenca Dance Company

Portraits: family & friends

It’s an honour to be invited into your life to record something special for you on film. For me, I see it as documenting a moment in time, your history, something that will increase in value and that you’ll keep returning to.

I love capturing every day scenes, of people in their environments, not staged in a studio. And always, the very best moments are unplanned. So I take some time to talk with you and arrange to do something that will put you at ease and then I melt into the background, and patiently wait for the magic moments to unfold. But of course, nothing ever goes exactly to plan, particularly when little ones are involved. As a Mum, I understand that beautiful, crazy side of kids and know just how to roll with the good times and change direction when necessary.

Most importantly, when we do the shoot, you’ll have fun. I’ll have fun. And it will show in your beautiful images.


Corporate portraits

Not everyone loves having their photo taken, especially for work—I get it and believe me, you’re not alone. But I think you’ll find working with me surprisingly enjoyable! And my reward will be seeing how happy you are with the finished product. To me, a corporate portrait should imbue a quiet confidence. It should capture the beauty of the person in a genuine way. Nobody needs a cookie cutter shot in front of a generic background. After all, chances are you’ll have to look at it every day across all your social platforms, so it’s worth having something you’re proud of, something that reflects who you are and presents the right image of your business.

So how do I make this happen? Well, the way we work together is the key. I don’t just turn up and start shooting. Instead, we have a chat and relax a little first. And by the time we begin, you’ll trust that I’ll take an image of the very finest version of you.


Hollywood stars to boardroom bigwigs

And you’ll be pleased to know that I’m seasoned at it. I’m accustomed to working with big names, bright stars and corporate heavyweights. Some of the notable people I’ve had the pleasure of photographing over the years include Hillary Clinton, Mark Zuckerberg, Nicole Kidman, and Richard Branson. And I use the same approach when working with them as I would with you. After all, super star or start up hero—it’s about the person behind the lens, connecting with the person in front of the lens in that moment, and that’s all that matters.


Architecture, Fashion & Events

The way the afternoon light hits a building façade…the gentle fall of a garment’s fabric…the joy on the faces of spectators as they watch events unfold. Details matter and can make an image unforgettable. If you need me to work as part of a team on a large-scale shoot, or to be one-on-one with your products, or garments adorning a model—you can rest assured that I’m experienced, I love what I do, and I’m ready to capture something extraordinary that makes your people, your products or your places shine.

I can work with all of the gear or I can strip it right back. I’m flexible, because I know you need me to be.


Everything you’ve read about my photography style and approach applies to a wedding. It’s so important that I get to know you first and that I understand what matters most to you both. And by the time your big day rolls around, I’ll be ready and you can relax in the knowledge that I’m capturing your story, just the way you want it to be told. Weddings are all about intimate moments, emotion, personality and style, love, family and friends. My aim is to record this authentically, and beautifully. I’ll be there from the very beginning when we start talking concepts, until the very end when I deliver your stunning images.