“The moment we met Hayley we were smitten. It was through her photographs of our son Fletcher that we fell in love. The story Hayley weaves and the magic in everyday life she captures is incredible. I can truly say she’s photographed some of the most beautiful and poignant moments of our son’s life.”

Jessica and Ben Studholme, San Francisco

About Polkadot

So often we think we’ll never forget a certain time, a place, a loved one. The look they gave us, the light that spilled through the curtains, the small everyday details that formed the stories of our lives. But no matter how tightly we try to hold on to those memories, the passage of time can loosen our grip. A photograph can transport us there again and spark the most powerful and poignant memories of something that mattered.

As a professional photographer, I have the absolute privilege of being invited into people’s lives and capturing beautifully honest records of these moments. It’s a privilege and a delight. You see, I’m a big fan of people. I love meeting them, getting to know them, gaining their trust, making them laugh and waiting ever so patiently to capture that little something special. Have camera, will most definitely travel! I’m a Melbourne photographer, but my work takes me all over the world. So give me a subject—people, architecture, fashion or an event—wherever it may be, and I’ll grab it with both hands.


About Hayley Durack

Since 2001 I’ve worked as a professional photographer in Australia and in almost every corner of the globe. For the past 7 years I was based in beautiful San Francisco where I founded Polkadot Photography, and prior to that, was a Photographer and Studio Manager with Sydney’s celebrated Milk & Honey Photography.

My style is a palette of reportage and art documentary and my images have been awarded gold and silver Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) gongs, graced the walls of galleries and been acquired by private collectors. While I mostly shoot digital, I can also go old school and shoot in 35mm film.

I have a background in product and set design which has given me the foundations for a strong creative eye for style and composition. I’ll bring this and a fresh, relaxed approach to our shoot.

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Where I work

I’m an Australian photographer based in Singapore but I’ll travel to wherever your job is, whether it’s somewhere in Asia, Australia or on the other side of the world. Prior to this I spent 7 years living in beautiful San Francisco and have shot jobs throughout the USA, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Italy, Mexico and Zambia. So I’ve met and worked with an amazing tapestry of people, customs, cultures and places—and loved every minute of it.